Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 15 in Jimbaran

Our friendly driver Wayan was on time for our pick up when we left the Temple Lodge just before lunch time.

He drove us to our next destination - Jimbaran. This was an area new to us - we had been for dinner, but never overnight before.

Our accommodation this time was budget - $50 per night for the 4 of us & obviously very different from our previous 4 hotels.

Villa Puri Royan is down a lane way about 100m from the beach, close to some markets & the seafood restaurants.

It is a small budget hotel with all the rooms in a u shape around the pool.

We went for a walk looking for somewhere to eat. We didn't feel like seafood, so we went looking for a cafe. We must of walked a few kms, not finding anything suitable, before we headed back to beachfront & ended up at one of the seafood restaurants on the beach.

They might be nice to have dinner at, sitting with your feet in the sand, but it was far too hot at lunchtime to sit on the beach. So we sat inside the restaurant & it was quite dingy in the daylight.

It was the most expensive meal of our trip & probably the least enjoyable.

Then we went for a walk & stopped at Sari Segara Resort for a cocktail. The kids were happy that they were allowed to use the pool.

Late afternoon we walked through the beach markets & ordered a few cocktails from the Keraton Jimbaran Resort. We sat and watched the sunset on the wicker lounges.

For dinner we ate pizza at a restaurant across the road from the beach. The bases were pre-made, but the toppings were fresh & tasty.

Back to the hotel for an early night....

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Location:Villa Puri Royan

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