Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 16 in Jimbaran

We awoke to our first full day in Jimbaran, had a pretty basic breakfast in the hotel & waited for our driver Wayan to pick us up at 9.30am.

I had an appointment booked with Yanto at 11.30am but wanted to allow myself plenty of time to find the place. Hubby was going to stay in Jimbaran with the kids, but instead they opted to come with me & had Wayan drop them around the beach near Poppies Lane 1.

We found Yanto's place ok, then I had an hour to I walked up Jl Double 6 and did a bit of shopping. I bought some lovely suede sandals & a gorgeous pale blue dip-dye dress with an unusual neckline made of these little balls covered in the same fabric as the dress.

I also bought some beaded bracelets in assorted colours for Xmas presents for my family. At another shop I found some earrings in matching colours.

Arrived at my appointment with Yanto & he asked me where I had heard about him, I told him on the Trip Advisor website (thanks to those who have posted on this topic). He had heard of TA too!

He asked me why I had made the appointment (have already posted about this, so sorry if you will be reading about this again). Anyway, I explained that I didn't have any pressing health concerns other than my carpel tunnel playing up now & again.

He asked me to stand still & told me I had bad posture. He looked at the arches of my feet & said i had one leg longer than the other. He got me to lay on the massage table & drew a black mark on the inside of one ankle then the other & showed me how they didnt line up - one leg was noticeably longer than the other. He explained that this can be a result of leg crossing. So with some rubbing, pressing, squeezing & pulling of my heels, ankles & legs I was pulled back into shape with both legs even now. It was painful at times & he said I must have a pretty high pain threshold, as some people had screamed in pain with this process.

He also noticed I had not been sleeping well, true as my kids had shared a bed with me for the first 5 nights & that I was a little stressed - he noticed my jaw was really tight. This affected the whole right hand side of my body, being one of the reasons why my posture was all bent. So he put on a rubber glove & proceeded to rub the inside of my mouth near the jawline, again quite painfull!

He also did some work on my head & neck as well as my hand for the carpel tunnel. He told me never to have an operation on my carpel tunnel & stories of people who had done so, only to have the problem return.

All through the treatment he told me funny jokes & riddles - wont give any of them away as it will spoil it (he even asked me not to tell anyone about one of his little jokes!)

I had only booked an hr treatment thinking I had no ailments & just going for a 'treat'. I should of booked the 2 hr treatment dubbed the WD40 & Yanto could of worked on both sides of my body. Needless to say, I came out feeling light & free and years younger. Yanto is truly an amazing man & has so many interesting stories to tell.... Oh and has magic hands!

After my treatment I still had another hr before Wayan was due to pick me up. I did a little more shopping the stopped for a cold Bintang & some lunch at Warung Asia. I ordered the Vietnamese chicken & prawn dish with vermicelli noodles, so fresh & delicious and only 30,000rp. The Bintang was a good match to cool down the chilli.

On the way back to Jimbaran we asked Wayan to stop in at the Billabong outlet store. Bit disappointing as some of the stock is dusty & a few seasons old, not to mention not so cheap either - IMO not worth visiting.

We returned to the hotel & had a swim then walked south along Jimbaran beach checking out some of the hotels on the beachfront. Locals men & boys were playing soccer and others were digging for pippies. We stopped on the way back at little beach bar complete with sun beds & umbrellas and ordered a cold beer. This time we chose a San Miguel - I hadnt tried one in nearly 20 years! We really enjoyed it, so had another while watching a perfect sunset - the kids played in the sand & left us alone for a good hour!

There were some teens & young adults doing training with an instructor beside us. We watched them all in a line doing a series of exercises. I joked to my husband that he should join the line & exercise with them. Not after 3 beers he thought! Then they filled some hessian bags with sand & tied rope to them & put around their waist. Next they ran uphill up the sand dragging the bags behind them. I jumped up and asked to have a turn. They all laughed as I ran up the beach & I'm proud to say I beat all but one of the girls! Claps all round, I returned to my sun bed out of breath...

We stayed a bit longer after the sun had set then walked the beach in the dark heading towards the lights of all the seafood restaurants. As we'd had seafood for lunch the day before, we didn't feel like having it again. So instead we headed to the Sari Segara resort for dinner.

We all ate Indonesian dishes and they were ok but not very memorable. Then we walked back to the hotel and had an early night.....

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 15 in Jimbaran

Our friendly driver Wayan was on time for our pick up when we left the Temple Lodge just before lunch time.

He drove us to our next destination - Jimbaran. This was an area new to us - we had been for dinner, but never overnight before.

Our accommodation this time was budget - $50 per night for the 4 of us & obviously very different from our previous 4 hotels.

Villa Puri Royan is down a lane way about 100m from the beach, close to some markets & the seafood restaurants.

It is a small budget hotel with all the rooms in a u shape around the pool.

We went for a walk looking for somewhere to eat. We didn't feel like seafood, so we went looking for a cafe. We must of walked a few kms, not finding anything suitable, before we headed back to beachfront & ended up at one of the seafood restaurants on the beach.

They might be nice to have dinner at, sitting with your feet in the sand, but it was far too hot at lunchtime to sit on the beach. So we sat inside the restaurant & it was quite dingy in the daylight.

It was the most expensive meal of our trip & probably the least enjoyable.

Then we went for a walk & stopped at Sari Segara Resort for a cocktail. The kids were happy that they were allowed to use the pool.

Late afternoon we walked through the beach markets & ordered a few cocktails from the Keraton Jimbaran Resort. We sat and watched the sunset on the wicker lounges.

For dinner we ate pizza at a restaurant across the road from the beach. The bases were pre-made, but the toppings were fresh & tasty.

Back to the hotel for an early night....

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Location:Villa Puri Royan